2004: Walberg: Social Security is “Socialism at its Finest”

At a primary candidate panel in 2004, Walberg debated Democratic candidate Drew Walker over Social Security privatization, and called Social Security “socialism at its finest.”

From the Adrian Daily Telegram:

Walker said the privatization of Social Security in the wake of corporate scandals and unstable stock prices could lead to individuals putting their retirement savings at risk in uninsured private accounts. “What an incredible scandal; I would certainly never take part in that,” Walker said. “Social Security is one of the foundations of our society for getting older.”

The question then turned to Walberg, who began by expressing his feelings about Walker’s statement.  “Wow, I just heard socialism at its finest,” said Walberg, a former state representative.

“Oh come on, that’s offensive,” Walker replied. “That’s defined as socialism when the government is required to take care of all of us,” said Walberg, followed by audience laughter.

[Adrian Daily Telegram, 6/02/04]