Selected Performances, Screenings, and Exhibitions


Door Bang, (Short Video), Performative Acts of the Everyday, Defibrillator Space and Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, May 2021   (Link)

Ideas for the Future, Supersonic Exhibition Space, Lisbon, Portugal, 2021

Sewing Against Facebook and Nature (Mixed Media on Paper) in Abstract Magazine TV, 2021

Out of the Blue Boy  (Mixed Media on Paper) in Abstract Magazine TV , July 2020

Playing Doctor (On the Inside), Response, Group Show, Duluth Art Institute, Aug 31, 2020 

Ei, I, Ego – Nucleus (Mixed Media on Paper), Ei, I, Ego – Daughter (Mixed Media on Paper), and Ei, I, Ego – Son (Mixed Media on Paper), International Group Exhibition, CTAO Exhibition Room – Lavagna, Italy, October 2018   (Link)

Time Machine Board  (Digital Photomontage on Paper), International Group Exhibition, Millepiani Gallery, Rome, October, 2018

The Plasma Screen Anomaly, a performance art piece done as a part of a collaborative performance, 2016, at the Light Box space in Detroit, MI

Radio, TV, Swans, Self  (Digital Photomontage on Paper) and Blue Chicken Sacrifice – Cardinal and Hare (Graphite, Acrylic and Digital Photomontage on Paper), 2016, International Juried Exhibition: Culture of Images Exhibition at the M.G. Nelson Gallery, Springfield, IL

V1 (Constitution | Bird ) (Acrylic and Graphite on Hardboard), 2016, Juried Exhibition: Muskegon Museum of Art’s 88th Annual Regional Exhibition, Muskegon, MI

Liberty Moonshine B(e)ar and Pinka River Party (Video Art), 2016, Index Art Center, Newark, NJ (Link)

Nound Spirits Together (Photomontage), 2016,International Juried Exhibition: Surrealism & Photography: Delray Arts and Union 206 Studio, Arlington, VA

Blue Chicken Sacrifice | Barbara and Under the Fountain | Marla 
(Graphite, Acrylic and Digital Photomontage), 2016, National Juried Exhibition: CIRCA: Digital Art Exhibit, Nest Arts Factory, Bridgeport, CT (Catalogue)

Mnemonic Beings Lab | TI-30 Project (Video Art, Digital Photomontage), 2016, IU East, 2nd International Juried Exhibition: Art + Science (Catalogue)

Examining an Official Copy of the 110 (Mixed Media on Paper) and Kosovo (Mixed Media on Paper)2016, National Juried Exhibition: The Big Draw, Catalyst Gallery, Beacon, NY

The Writer Who Could Not Say (Pigs for the Ancestors – Eat Your Heart Out John Deer) (Performance Art)(Writer, Filmmaker, Performer) 2014 – Detroit Contemporary, Detroit

Emblem, I  (An Ongoing Game-like, Transmedia Adventure) (Writer, Performer, Director) 2014 – Present, Various Venues, Detroit, MI

Masks in the Sun  (A Feature Film and Interactive Transmedia Platform) (Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Performer) 2014 – Franke Center for the Arts, Marshall, MI & YouTube

Masks in the Sun Window (Installation), 2014, The Cronin Building

Lost and Desperately Driving (Around the Bed of Reality)  (Performance Art, Video Art) (Writer, Filmmaker, Performer) 2013 – Popps Packing, Detroit

Harvest Gathering, (Photocollage), 2013, National Juried Exhibition: Scene Metrospace Gallery, East Lansing, Michigan

Syncretic Beings Labs (SBL): An Experimental Human Resources Firm for the Social Services and Military Industrial Complexes (An Extensive Collection of Performance, Film Directing & Production Work) (Writer, Filmmaker, Performer) – Various Venues in the US and Abroad, 2013

Fertility, Article, Submission, A Performance Piece, 2003, New York

Naming the Cause (A Performed and Written Allegory of Alzheimer’s Disease) (Ethnographer, Performer) 1998 – Columbia University, New York City

What We Were Told To Do  (An Allegory of Academic Discipline) (Invited Writer, Performer) 2001, University of California, Chico, CA

Engineering Syncretic Beings (A Performance Art Piece) (Invited Writer, Performer) 1998 – CASTAC Conference, New York City

Beyond the Living and the Dead (A Performance Art Piece) (Invited Writer, Performer) 1999 – Chicago

Uprising of the Garden Gnomes  (A Performance Art Piece) (Invited Writer, Performer) 2000 – Tipperary, Ireland

Ruins of the Great Beyond (A Performance Art Piece) (Invited Writer, Performer) 1998 – Volksbuehne, Berlin

Oily Sinclair (A Performance Art Piece) (Writer, Performer) 1995 – Schermerhorn Extension, New York City

Telling Relations (A Performance Art Piece) (Writer, Performer) 1994 -Schermerhorn Extension, New York City

Plantation and Collection (A Performance Art Piece) (Writer, Performer) 1994 -Schermerhorn Extension, New York City

Empire of the Second Spear  (A Performance Art Piece) (Writer, Performer) 1993 – Tisch School of the Arts, New York City


Art-Related Publications (and Online Exhibited Work) 

Descartes Demon, Mixed Media, Seisma Magazine, Theme: Neuroscience, Forthcoming, 2020 (Link)

Lonely Boy, Mixed Media, Abstract Magazine, July, 2020

Leader of the Gnome Revolution, Mixed Media, in Stonecrop Magazine, 
Spring, 2020.

Schwein Riter Self Glasses On, Photomontage, in 
Prometheus Dreaming, Volume 2(Journal for Literature and Art), January, 2020

Micheline Boy (with Rabbit Ears), Mixed Media, in 
Sunspot Literary Journal, Vol. 1, No.5, January, 2020

Play Fight, Graphite Drawing in Meat for Tea: The Valley Review,
 Vol.13, Issue 4, January, 2020

Gabriel Embeha, Interview and Featured Works in Peripheral Arteries, 
Winter, 2019

Red Militia with Magpie (Mixed Media on Paper) in 
Average Art #31, February 2019

Beyond Masks in the Sun (Absorbing an Idaho Militia), (Mixed Media on Paper), 
ImagoRevolution – Online Exhibition, December 2018

Charge Box, (Photography), in Wotisart #20,November 2018

Drew Walker: Mnemonic Beings Lab | TI-30 Project, Catalogue of Indiana University’s 2nd National Juried Exhibition: Art + Science, 2016

”Gabriel Embeha: Lost and Desperately Driving (Around the Bed of Reality),” in Emergency Index, New York City, Volume 3, 2013

”Likeness and the Bonds of History” in Ver-Scheide der Kultur: Aufsätze zur Kippe kulturanthropologischen Nachdenkens., Bernd Ternes (Ed.), Marburg: Tectum Verlag, 2002

”The Ethics of Ancestral Secretion in Contemporary Biochemical Genetics: Rethinking the Bioethics of Biochemical-Genetically Inherited Disorders through an Anthropological Consideration of Huntington’s Disease” in Joerden, Jan C. and Joseph Neumann Medizinethik und Wissenschaftstheorie, Peter Lang Verlag, 2002

”The Impossible as Secretion: Histology, Creativity and Transdisciplinary Research,” in Paragrana: Internationale Zeitschrift für Historische Anthropologie, Summer, 2000

”The Ruins of the Great Beyond” [Alzheimer’s and the African Diasporan Experience] 
(Ruinen des Jenseits) in Diederichsen, D. Loving the Alien: Science Fiction, Diaspora, Multikultur, Berlin: ID-Edition Press, 1998

”Missionary Mnemonics, Narration, and Textuality Beyond the Bambudye Society,” in Afrika Focus, Gent, Belgium, Summer, 1997

”Lukasa, or the Idea of a Mnemonic Device Amongst the Luba of Zaire,” in Archiv Orientalni: A Journal of Asian and African Studies, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, 4/94


Grants, Awards, Residencies

Second Place Prize, Indiana University, 2nd National Juried Exhibition: Art + Science

Berlin Study Visit Research Grant (German Academic Exchange Service) (DAAD) 2002-2003

Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Europa-Universitaet Viadrina, Germany 1999-2000

PhD awarded with Distinction, Graduate School of the Arts, Columbia University

President’s Doctoral Fellowships, Columbia University 1995-1998

Columbia Doctoral Fellowships, Columbia University 1993-1995

Sheldon Scheps Research Grant, Columbia University 1994

Franz Boas Award, Columbia University 1994

New York University Graduate Fellowship 1992-1993



PhD (with Distinction), Columbia University, Cultural Anthropology

MPhil, Columbia University, Cultural Anthropology

MA, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, Performance Studies

AB, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), Philosophy


Selected Academic Posts

Johns Hopkins University, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anthropology, 2003

University of Prishtina, Visiting Professor, Prishtina, Kosovo, 2002

Columbia University, New York, School of International and Public Affairs, Visiting Scholar, 2001-2002

Fordham University, New York, Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, 1999

Rutgers University, New Jersey, Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, 1998