Works Related to Writerly Persons, Places and Things


To imagine needing to live beyond a world, out in front of the Pèse-nerfs, in which:

The whole literary scene is a pigpen…. where all those persons, places and things who have points of reference in their minds, I mean on a certain side of their heads, in well-localized areas of their brains, all those who are masters of their language, all those for whom words have meanings, all those (persons, places and things) for whom there exists higher levels of the soul and currents of thought, those (persons, places and things) who represent the spirit of the times, and who have named these currents of thought, I am thinking of their meticulous industry and of that mechanical creaking which their minds give off in all directions—are pigs.

To imagine needing to live beyond a world in which:

Those persons, places and things for whom certain words have meaning, and certain modes of being, those who are so precise, those for whom emotions can be classified and who quibble over some point of their hilarious classifications, those who still believe in “terms,” those who discuss the ranking ideologies of the age, those who still believe in an orientation of the mind, those who follow paths, who drop names, who recommend books—are the worst pigs of all.