Liberty Moonshine Bear (2 min 59 secs)


The Liberty Moonshine Bar is currently located in a motel in Alger Holler, down the Prussian Way. Up the Prussian Way, in front of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Dr. Gabriel Embeha is looking for the Liberty Moonshine Bar.

In an interview with Blue Chicken Radio the B(e)ar speaks:

“I just wanted to say that out in the woods, and I can’t tell you where it’s at, there’s a cabin with a lean-to. That’s like my cave that me and my family will be going to when it all comes down. For now it’s the place I take people, to drink the liberty moonshine. I know you might think so, but it does not make you blind; with me, I start seeing things, realizing things, about the reality of his country. It brings me to start speaking the truth I don’t necessarily completely understand, but I know I’m making perfect sense. I’m making perfect sense. You’ve heard of the liberty bell? This is what we call the liberty jar ringing you clear liberty and freedom in your ears. You unscrew the lid and put you nose over the lip and smell it. I does not make you see all the little kinds of things that are coming through your fence, moving into your yard, because they really are coming. It makes me feel like I want to fire off some rounds, nestle in behind a big tree, wait for the right moment. When I’m inside my hunting jacket I imagine things, like I feel, I dunno, like I’m a bear, an Indian, settler, waiting for the other to come wandering through the trees. Is that crazy? I know I’m not supposed to describe it like that, but still. I had a neighbor ask me how I was getting internet out there at the cabin, and watching tv out there. He didn’t believe it all until I explained it, until I showed him. We made some places out there for people. You come out there you’re gonna see the bear. You come to the bar you’re gonna see the bar. I love my children and the one true lord, our god, and I swear I’m going to defend our freedom.”