In a certain sense “spaceflight” is a misnomer, in that flight assumes an atmosphere and a certain density of matter, both of which space does not possess. Despite this, however, the term is more accurate than we are forced to admit. Objects do actually “fly” through space as (relatively) moving holes in space, and space does have some sort of “atmosphere” that makes this flight possible.

The manmade creation of rapidly expanding holes in space (explosions), and of their temporary and channelled confinement within other holes in space (as seen in guns and rockets), has been the key to achieving the creation of moving holes in space for increasing further distances over decreasing periods of time.

While the creation of these persons, places and things involved in spaceflight are generally described in terms of the past (history) and the present, in the ruins all our own they are described solely in terms of space. Each person, place and thing involved in spaceflight is a series of continuously opening and closing holes in space confined within and channelled beyond other holes in space, all made possible by controlled rapidly expanding holes in space (or explosions.)

All of the elements contained in this glyph are an allegorical tool for understanding manmade explosions, depicted not in time but in space.

In addition, in the ruin of kindness each and every visual image is not a depiction of a person, place or thing in time (past/history or present), but rather in terms of a smaller or larger series of holes in space.


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