Pop, Soda  (Fanta)


In ways similar to the ways I like my orange gun, I also like pop and soda, Orange Fanta to be precise. While learning from water spirit healers in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, I learned that Orange Fanta was one of their favorite sources of libations. I myself am partial to the orange translucence of the Fanta as well as its ribbed glass. I sometimes associate this thick glass with the gas station next to the small house of my grandfather, and my collecting bottle tops from the soda bottle machine. I also associate it with old glass bottles found in the bottom of a river my childhood friends and I used to wade in on summer days.

The fetich nature of the commodity and the secret thereof is inextricably linked with persons, places and things that I center on these bottles of soda. While this center may change, its nature does not.

The secret of the fetish nature of this commodity, and all commodities I suppose, is what I have made of it. It has become “a story of my own,” of the persons, places, and things made sacred and disposable by me.


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