symbolic rendering of the activities and ways of being and becoming an elder/ancestor andmalevolent or helpful spirit, a rendering that supports various versions, or personas of organized political communities living under groups of specifically non-elected officials (known as the State)



All human beings living were conceived, born and are developing/transforming. Clearly, human beings live and many are living. It is a fact that one does not lose the status of being a human being or a person simply by not living, and usually not for a long time after ceasing to live and breath. Yet, ways of understanding living make all the difference in the ways we understand human activity and the meaning of human life and lives.

In many European-like societies, life and death are the focus of a great deal of symbolic activity that is directly linked to various versions of the State in which most of us are existentially, economically invested. Within this way of thinking and living our lives through symbols, we are caught up in a certain finality in which the oddly contradictory notion of “a living person” is all we are left to work through, either before or after birth.

This symbolic world of “living persons,” all in some sense possessing dignity through simply being alive (or recently deceased) stands in direct confrontation with the ancestral.

This world of “living persons” supports the false meaning of life offered by so many versions of the State.

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