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In 1969, out in the middle of the mangrove swamplands of Florida’s Kennedy Space Center, materials somehow related to an early space-shuttle-like craft called Dyna Soar were stolen from a NASA storage facility. Two men, sneaking in by canoe in the middle of the night, killed a guard and seem to have gone right to a series of documents they wanted. The two packed them into small backpacks and left the area on motorcycles they had apparently stashed in the weeds nearby the previous day.

It appears the men had been moving through the darkness roughly side-by-side at a high rate of speed when they both hit a large alligator in the middle of the road and the impact sent them flying. Both were found dead and mangled in the weeds nearby. Their backpacks were split open, but the stolen files were still in them. A few papers that were scattered around were also retrieved. Neither of the two men had any form of identification on them. Their bikes and canoe had been purchased the previous day under false names, in cash.

The oddest thing was that the documents they had stolen were not aerospace weapons plans of any sort, but rather files of patients in different nursing homes. The first question was why they had killed to steal these files and left behind all of the Top-Secret Dyna Soar materials you would expect them to have stolen. The second was why the nursing home records were there in the first place.

The assembled team at that time investigated the staff of the storage facility, the Dyna Soar project staff, the nursing homes, the guards, and came away with nothing. One theory was that someone with access to the facility had had a relative in a nursing home and was storing the records there for safe keeping while they planned some kind of big lawsuit. That idea turned out to be no good. All the people in the stolen records had in common was that they all were under the care of court-appointed guardians, and all were in different homes. Since no secret materials had been stolen, the investigators did not pursue the case any further.


In 2012, SBL’s lab directors became secretly involved in a US Defense Department investigation of Doug Walters, the Chair of the their own Board of Directors. Those at SBL did not know Walters had been secretly on the payroll of their parent company CJL for many years at that time. The investigation involving Walters was pointing to an international weapons proliferation scheme that was in some strange way linking a series of disappeared persons around the world (all employed by CJL) to the Project Dyna Soar facility break-in some forty years earlier.

It was this investigation that led the would-be synbedevel who SBL knew as Doug Walters to certain discoveries as an ethnographer, the Cause they were working for.

The ethnographic findings that Walters is now using to transform SBL are:

(1) The scientists at SBL have no real desire to find any truth about the lingering pacific war, and the only Cause they have any interest in pursuing is their own status as players;

(2) their shared secret is that each of them, deriving his or her means of existence, his or her livelihood within each of their areas, is playing a game;

(3) their shared trouble is their fear that this open secret might become known and acted on by their Board of Directors and CJL, who could deprive each of his or her means of existence; and

(4) their shared problem is that none of them seems to see the game he or she is playing is not just a game, but a serious game.

What follows is the series of projects on which Walters had been employed (and studied) by SBL between 2007 and 2010, and which led him to the above findings. None of these materials are to be considered private property. As usual, they are dedicated to be used as raw material for the work of others. Together, they contain some truth of the link between the stolen nursing home files, and the supersonic, space glider Dyna Soar. More of this story is laid out in my larger work called Emblem, I.


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