Naming the Cause











“The scene opens up on a day in late November, a Pietist gathering.  Among this group, (I)nc., (pronounced “aye”), is one Gabriél, a newcomer to this land.”


Chapter 1.  The Labors of Piety  

Relationship, (I)nc.


Adult Daycare  –  Pietist Colony

$ense and Cents-ability




Chapter 2.  The Labors of Knowledge


The A (W. B.) Cs of Symbolism and Allegory

Alzpeech I

Harwood H., Alz Philosophe

Carmen L., Pietist Doctor

Enlightenment  and The Alzheimer’s State

The A (G.B.) Cs of Language and Eros


Chapter 3.  Do Kamo, or the Stoic Physics of Colonialism  

Sociobiology and Anthropomorphism



Chapter 4.  Fictive History 

The Journals of Gabriel


Pneumaticism and “The Symbol”

Iatro- animism

Organicism and/or Platonist Sympatheia

Pietist Mechanism


Chapter 5.  Life History/Natural History

Monkey See

The Predicament

The Solution


Chapter 6.  Possession, Contact and the Image, Part I


Identity, Image and  Possession

Beyond Possession: Identity, Contact and Image


Chapter 6. Possession, Contact and the Image, Part II

Bio-Masking or Secretions of Materiality


Chapter 7.  The Lyrical and the Dialectical

Alzpeech II


Socrates, the Mask and the Material Spirit of the Dialogue

De-instru-mentia, or Meta-Dancing

Theresa, Mi Amor (A Fieldnote)


Chapter 8.  Possession, or the Name of Mo(u)rning

Mom, or Naming the “Patient”

Enlightenment II

Melancholia I: Learning a System


Chapter 9.  Between “I” and “(I)nc.”

How (I)nc. Think

New Center, Alz Periphery

The Morgue

Medical Library

Chury, and the Pietist Ministry of Culture

Bobby, B., Alz Technician

Marina’s Project

New World (In Place of a Memory)


Chapter 10.  Elective Affinities

Conclusion Before the Fact


Chemistrism and Transcendentalism

Symbolic Anthropology

Energetic Materialism


Chapter 11.  Divinity and Mimesis

Naming and Melancholia

Naming Divinity


Chapter 12. Conclusion

Imagining the Cure

Healing, Imaging and the Stoic Body

Ethnography and/or Protocol

A Name for the Cause