Malevolent or Helpful Spirits

Malevolent or Helpful Spirits


Over the span of time, (extremely old ) elders/ancestors are forgotten. Their names are not remembered, nor are the stories of their lives. They become from time immemorial, time out of time, a kind of extra or original historical and legal space.

These elders/ancestors become spirits, sometimes strange beings, sometimes somewhat familiar wild animals that live in woods, under water and other natural places. At certain times, some of these spirits come to visit where people live, where they themselves used to live. These spirits are strange and unpredictable. They are sometimes helpful, and sometimes harmful.

Everything in life shows the spirits are real. No one dies, and all become spirits. Like the elders/ancestors they were, they are not worshiped, but respected.

Some in the community claim special relationships with certain kinds of these spirits, and they are thought by many to have more power than most to either use these relationships to harm or to help/heal others.


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