Fluss  (River)

The ancient philosopher Heraclitus said we can never step twice into the same river. The river is an allegorical tool for exploring the unknown, the unseeable, and false attempts to grasp a phenomenon. In parts of West Africa, unknown, unseeable and inscrutable masks, spirits or ancestors lie under rivers.

Fabrik (Factory)

For so long, factories and rivers were found together. They were used by factories for energy, as supply and shipping routes, and places of concealment. The flow of rivers near factories is usually channeled and water is controlled under pressure only to be released as waste into rivers. The factory is an allegorical tool to explore the combined workings of energy, commodity production, and waste production.

The factory is an analog of the digestive and genitourinary systems, whose close relationships to the other bodily systems make up many of the challenges of healing and medical care.


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